Sunday, September 14, 2008

Utah Symphony!

The season finally started again!!! We were feeling deprived and uncultured for a while there, but yesterday was the first of the season for the Utah Symphony. It was the Ode to Joy concert and it was Fantastic!!! We went to Z Tejas for dinner first, and I must say they are absolutely delicious! Their corn bread and chips and salsa is to die for! Then we went over to the Salt Palace to park and walk over to Abravanel Hall. The first half of the concert was a Piano Concerto and the pianist was absolutely amazing, the symphony was incredible, and Keith Lockhart was sweating profusely. hehe. The second half was even better, it was the symphony of Ode to Joy. The symphony had invited guest singers to sing the solo parts, and they blew me away. The tenor was absolutely amazing, he had quite the lungs and a wonderful voice. The baritone had quite the range, the alto was awesome, and the soprano was crazy! It was quite the treat to hear them. Overall, it was a very impressive performance! I'm so excited for the rest of the season to come!!! :D

Friday, September 5, 2008

Citizen's Academy

We got to go to Citizen's Academy again tonight, it was our Medical night... which means we had a barbeque with the fire guys, and yes they can definitely cook a mean meal! :) Then we had an intro to the Ambulance, and how they strap patients into the gurney. Then they surprised us by flying a Life Flight helicopter down for us, and we got to check that out. It was pretty cool, really tight quarters but absolutely amazing what they can do in the helicopter. The pilot was absolutely incredible, he landed the bird like placing china on the kitchen table. It was an incredibly soft landing! Then we were able to go on a ride along with the rescues. It was a 16 year old female unconscious, poss concussion from a soccer game. Michael absolutely loved it! We watched them strap her in, rode on the ambulance down to the hospital, and went in with the paramedics as they checked her in to the ER. It was pretty cool, the paramedic on the ride over took about 5 tubes of blood from the patient while we were driving! I couldn't believe he even got the needle in, the ride was soo bumpy! :D Pictures are pending...

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So... we finally got an iPhone!!!!! I'm sooooooo excited! It's probably the coolest thing I've ever owned! I can't believe how fast and how easy it is to use. I can do pretty much anything on the go and never get lost again on vacation! :D I got a 16GB white one with a clear case and Michael got a 16GB Black one with a geek case! ;) And I must say the apple store is one of the coolest stores to shop at, the customer service was awesome, it was quick, easy, and painless! Highly recommend the apple store for all your apple needs! ;)