Friday, June 26, 2009

Roadtrip Bloopers

We were all definitely really tired during the trip.....

Toby was a sweetheart, he slept most of the way there. :)

By far, Toby's favorite place to be while traveling!

Roadtrip Day 1 and 2

First Stop: Colorado. It was actually gorgeous! We stopped at a rest stop for me and Ben decided to take some pictures!

Next Stop: Kansas. By far our least favorite stop on our way to Indiana.... :)

Yup... still looks the same! :)

Next Stop: Kansas City, Missouri. Actually a really cool city!

Next Stop: St. Louis, Missouri. Our favorite city of the trip. It was really cool, a bit on the humid side... :)

Next Stop: Illinois. I slept the whole way through Illinois... so no pictures! :)

We finally arrived at our destination 31 hours later. Longest trip I have ever been on!!!! We were definitely ready to stop.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Usually every year we take some sort of trip for my birthday. But this year, because I'm getting my eye surgery, we thought in order to save some money we would take a roadtrip to see Michael's family. So we embarked on our journey the morning of the 24th, with Ben and Toby in tow. :) Indiana here we come!!!!!