Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Check out http://www.hangerbox.com/! It's a brand new site Michael finished and we're stoked about it! Browse through photos of people showing off their favorite looks! Find out where they bought their look and how much it cost. You can also get involved by uploading your own photos to your online closet and sharing it with others.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas!!!  We were all very excited for Christmas this year!  At first we decided to just do stockings this year... then stocking stuffers slowly turned into bigger gifts that didn't fit in the stocking... :)  Anyways, I had to work on Christmas eve, but when I got home at 1AM we opened up our presents!!! :D

Here's our presents

Toby getting ready for Christmas too!

Toby's "Beggin' Strips"

Becky's new flip flops

Becky's new sweatshirt

Michael's "Vegas 2" PS3 Game

Becky's new Palm Phone

Ben's BB Guns

I think Michael was MORE excited than Ben!

Our new Polk surround speakers

My new purse

Ben's new pants

We accidentally got each other the same thing!  Poker game sets! :)

Yes we loooove gummy bears!

Michael's new Star Wars 2 & 3 Soundtracks!

Becky's new volleyball

The Dark Knight on BluRay!

Protective Glasses for BB Gun shooting!

$50 each from Becky!!!!! 

It was an awesome Christmas!!!  It was absolutely a pleasure to be together and open presents together! :)  Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


It finally snowed today.. in the middle of December!  We actually really enjoyed the late snow, but it was definitely a different experience having Toby around.  He loved playing in the snow! We took him out in the afternoon and ran around with him.  He was absolutely adorable!!

Toby vs. Ben

He's absolutely adorable!

Playing with Ben in the snow!

Playing in the snow with Toby.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Early Christmas Present

Michael and I decided as an early Christmas present to ourselves, we would upgrade our home theater.  We got a new Panasonic projector and a new Playstation 3.  it is awesome! We don't even have the urge to go to the theaters anymore! :)

Here's the projector!  

Kind of looks like a cyclops to me...

Our new playstation 3.

The projector shows a 120" screen! 

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Toby ran away!!!!!  Quite the funny story actually.  Last night Michael and Ben put him in his crate for bed and went back in the house, Toby howled and howled for about 15 min then quieted down.  Later that night, they took him out to go potty and tried to put him back in his crate, but he was such a nuisance to the neighbors we had to bring him in the house.  
Well, in the morning when Ben was taking him out to go potty again they put him back in his crate in the dog house and then went to school.  Well he howled for about an hour straight and then it stopped.  Michael and I thought he finally decided that no one was coming and he was going back to sleep.  
At about 2 PM, when we were on our way to pick Ben up from school, we went outside to bring Toby with us... but he was gone!  He had ripped the crate door inside out, pooped in the doghouse, puked by the sliding glass door, and then dug a hole under our fence and ran away!  Breaking out of his crate was the last thing we thought he would do, since he was such a timid dog... boy were we wrong!  Well, we went and picked Ben up from school, then drove around looking for him.  Just as we were stopping to go get lunch, we decided to ask some people that were standing on their porch if they had seen a lost dog... well turns out Toby wandered around until he found the closest person that would give him attention.  Poor thing was sooo scared of being alone!!  The neighbors were really nice, they sat outside on the porch with Toby, hoping the owners were out looking for him!  Thank goodness we found him!  We were soooo happy and relieved!  
We couldn't believe on the 2nd day we had him... he ran away!!! :)  We learned from then on... he was staying IN the house!  Although that did not stop him from breaking out of his crate.... he still did, so Michael had to resort to locking the crate!!!  He's definitely a handful!  Quite the adventure!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We finally got a dog!  His name is Toby, yellow labrador retriever!  We got him from the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter, after weeks of searching for the perfect dog, we found Toby!  Ben was sooo excited and sooo happy!  Toby is about a year old, very well behaved, and absolutely adorable!!!! :)  We love him already!!!! 

He looks Chinese... fits right in with the fam!

Isn't he cute?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ben's Dog House

So we are getting a dog for Christmas. ( We as in Michael, Ben, and me)  So in order to prepare for the dog, we went and bought a crate, collar, leash, brush, shampoo, food bowl, water bowl, and clicker.  And Michael and Ben started work on making our green house into a dog house!  Our plan is to keep the crate in the dog house and have the dog sleep there at night.

Yay it's done!