Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Great Wall

We were able to go to the Great Wall while in Beijing. It was absolutely incredible! I went about 7 years ago... and it was definitely not what I remembered! It is crazy what the Chinese were able to accomplish! The wall was massive and it took forever just to walk up to a tower! Mom and I stopped at the first tower, Dad and Michael got to the second, Ben was the only one to make it to the very top tower! 

Ben and I at the first tower! Yay, it took forever!

Mom and Dad at the first tower.

The Great Wall of China... at least a small portion of it! :)

The steps were incredibly uneven... it was tiring trying to climb up just one tower!

Dad and Michael at the second tower... yes Michael was about to puke.

That was literally how we were walking, more like climbing, down the Great Wall. I had to sit and pull myself down a couple of times, because the steps were about 2 feet apart!

Yay! We finally made it down! It was harder climbing down the going up!

Our momento to show we were actually there!

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