Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doggy Bite

Michael and I have been going to Orem's Citizen's Academy for the past couple of weeks. Citizen's Academy is a program Orem has set up for its citizens, where we go 3 hours each week and basically do and learn what the officers do. We went to the shooting range once and shot all the guns the police use, we did a building search and arrested a suspect, we learned how the detectives lure in online predators, the list goes on... this week we got a K-9 Demonstration. Our Orem K-9 Officers put us in Dog Bite Suits and basically let the K-9 chase us in the suits! It was pretty awesome! I got pulled down twice by Zorro, it was incredible how strong and fast they were! Michael was a little better, he was able to keep standing and basically swing the dog around while it clung on to Michael's arm! The dogs were sooo smart! They listened to the commands, knew when to stop or go or watch the suspect. It was absolutely amazing how well trained the K-9 were! We'll post some pictures as soon as we get them from the Sergeant!


Ashley said...

Wow, that sounds fun! My mom and grandpa did something like that down in Dallas, and my grandpa got to help arrest a prostitute in front of a Home Depot!

Julie said...

Maybe we should dispatch the officers out in german and see if they listen better!!