Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas!!!  We were all very excited for Christmas this year!  At first we decided to just do stockings this year... then stocking stuffers slowly turned into bigger gifts that didn't fit in the stocking... :)  Anyways, I had to work on Christmas eve, but when I got home at 1AM we opened up our presents!!! :D

Here's our presents

Toby getting ready for Christmas too!

Toby's "Beggin' Strips"

Becky's new flip flops

Becky's new sweatshirt

Michael's "Vegas 2" PS3 Game

Becky's new Palm Phone

Ben's BB Guns

I think Michael was MORE excited than Ben!

Our new Polk surround speakers

My new purse

Ben's new pants

We accidentally got each other the same thing!  Poker game sets! :)

Yes we loooove gummy bears!

Michael's new Star Wars 2 & 3 Soundtracks!

Becky's new volleyball

The Dark Knight on BluRay!

Protective Glasses for BB Gun shooting!

$50 each from Becky!!!!! 

It was an awesome Christmas!!!  It was absolutely a pleasure to be together and open presents together! :)  Merry Christmas!

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cornnut32 said...

looks like a fun christmas!

you won't get michael away from that vegas 2. my hubby played (and still plays) it a lot, especially online. he got endwar for his ps3 for christmas, and he spent three hours playing last night. boys and their toys!