Thursday, December 4, 2008


Toby ran away!!!!!  Quite the funny story actually.  Last night Michael and Ben put him in his crate for bed and went back in the house, Toby howled and howled for about 15 min then quieted down.  Later that night, they took him out to go potty and tried to put him back in his crate, but he was such a nuisance to the neighbors we had to bring him in the house.  
Well, in the morning when Ben was taking him out to go potty again they put him back in his crate in the dog house and then went to school.  Well he howled for about an hour straight and then it stopped.  Michael and I thought he finally decided that no one was coming and he was going back to sleep.  
At about 2 PM, when we were on our way to pick Ben up from school, we went outside to bring Toby with us... but he was gone!  He had ripped the crate door inside out, pooped in the doghouse, puked by the sliding glass door, and then dug a hole under our fence and ran away!  Breaking out of his crate was the last thing we thought he would do, since he was such a timid dog... boy were we wrong!  Well, we went and picked Ben up from school, then drove around looking for him.  Just as we were stopping to go get lunch, we decided to ask some people that were standing on their porch if they had seen a lost dog... well turns out Toby wandered around until he found the closest person that would give him attention.  Poor thing was sooo scared of being alone!!  The neighbors were really nice, they sat outside on the porch with Toby, hoping the owners were out looking for him!  Thank goodness we found him!  We were soooo happy and relieved!  
We couldn't believe on the 2nd day we had him... he ran away!!! :)  We learned from then on... he was staying IN the house!  Although that did not stop him from breaking out of his crate.... he still did, so Michael had to resort to locking the crate!!!  He's definitely a handful!  Quite the adventure!

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