Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camping Trip

After our Indiana trip, we decided to go camping for a few days in the Wasatch National Forest. It was actually a lot more fun than I thought we would have. We got there Friday afternoon and set up camp. Then sort of lounged around the campfire until bedtime! The next day, Michael and Ben wanted to take Toby exploring... so we went around the other campsites with Toby in tow. Michael remembered when reserving our campsite that the Provo River was not supposed to be too far from camp, so we set off looking for it. Toby had a blast! We finally found it and stayed in the river for about an hour before heading back. Then we made and painted some camouflaged dart guns. It's crazy how time flies when you aren't paying attention to it, or don't have a clock to remind you of the time... before we knew it, it was time for dinner and the campfire again! We stayed up playing cards and talking and then left for home the next day. Hopefully, we can do this again sometime this year before the summer's over!

Our sweet tent!

Ben grilling some hot dogs.

Toby wishing he could eat the hot dogs...

Spray painting our camouflage dart guns.

Some of the final products...

Guarding camp.

Michael's bow and arrow that he found.....

The campsite was absolutely gorgeous... we were even able to see some moose walking through!

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