Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trip home...

On our trip home, we decided to stop at Chicago. It was one of our favorite cities by far. Kinda cloudy, but still awesome!

Next Stop: Kansas again.... no pictures needed!

Next Stop: Iowa. We actually hit a HUGE storm coming home through Iowa and Nebraska. It was really cool when the lightening struck... it pretty much lighted up the whole sky! Kinda scary...

Next Stop: Nebraska. It was raining soooo hard, we couldn't take any pictures and we actually had to stop because we could no longer see the road!!! Crazy!

Next Stop: Wyoming. Bleh... no pictures necessary either... nothing too special. Although we were very very excited to see the mountains start to pop up everywhere around us!!!

Overall, it was an awesome trip, but it took us over 37 hours to finally reach our destination! We were sooo glad to be home and in our beds!

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