Monday, October 20, 2008

Oregon Trip Day 1

For my birthday trip this year, Michael and I decided to check out Oregon and Washington (since we were considering Oregon or Washington as possible future places to move to).  We got there Monday 10-20 at about 12PM.  My godmother came and picked us up and we went out to lunch and drove around Portland.  I have to say, I was very surprised at how gorgeous Portland was.  The last time I was here was about 10 years ago, so I was genuinely surprised at how beautiful and green the city was. We went to the river that runs right by downtown Portland, the Willamette River.  There was a little walkway and we walked down the harbor and then drove around downtown and the Pearl District.

Here is the boat harbor on the Willamette River.

Here we are atop a roof in the Pearl District of Portland.

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kaitlyn.e said...

Woo birthdays!
Woo Oregon!