Friday, October 24, 2008

Oregon Trip Day 5

Mount St. Helen, I had no idea what was so special about this mountain until our visit.  May 18, 1980 Mount St. Helen erupted and the eruption was captured on video!  We went to the visitor center and watched a few movies about the eruption and how one volcano changed the world, over a million people's lives, and the topography of the land.  It was absolutely incredible!

The Mount St. Helen Visitor Center.

This is the Spirit Lake Memorial Bridge.  Spirit Lake was a tourist spot before Mount St. Helen erupted.  It was a good size lake where tourist would go out on boats, most of the time rented from Harry Truman, and see the gorgeous views of the mountain.  After the eruption of Mount St. Helen, the lake was no more, it was buried under along with the only resident who refused to evacuate, Harry Truman.  The Volcano all but erased Spirit lake from the maps and created two other lakes in the area.  It was absolutely incredible!

The path of destruction.

The explosion took out trees from the stumps, some were broken off from its roots and left laying next to the stump.  The force was traveling at about 300 mph at 640 degree fahrenheit!

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