Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oregon Trip Day 2

Day 2 was quite the exciting day for us.  We started out the morning with a nice drive through Lake Oswego, the city just south of Portland and where we were staying at.  The roads were absolutely a treat to drive on... no potholes!

Absolutely gorgeous roads... and it has its own scenery!
This was the road up to Crown Point Viewpoint!

Here is the view from Crown Point.

Another view.

Here we are at the lookout point.

And another view... it was pretty cool!

After Crown Point Viewpoint we drove up to the Multnomah Falls, the second largest water fall in the United States.  One of the top five in the world!  It was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect!

Here is the fall!

And another...

Yes... it was a little chilly. :)

Isn't he cute?

It was an absolute treat to get a chance to see the falls!

After seeing Multnomah Falls, we drove to the Bonneville Dam to see the salmon hatchery and the sturgeons.  Before the trip... I had no idea what a sturgeon was, I was in for quite the surprise!

This is where they hatch and breed the baby salmon.

Head of a sturgeon!

This thing was huge!  It said they can get up to 20 feet!!!

They kind of look like sharks.

This is where they fed and grew the salmon before they started their swim upstream.

Here is where they simulated a swim "up stream"... it was pretty amazing at how strong the salmon were and how far they could jump out of the water!

When we were finished at the Bonneville Dam, we drove up the loop to see Mount Hood.  It was gorgeous!!! We were so excited to see the peak of the mountain as we were turning the bend!

I couldn't believe how much snow they have already gotten here!

The Timberline Lodge, where we went up to see the sunset.

It was an amazing day, I was completely exhausted afterwards, but was waaay excited for the adventures of tomorrow!

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